AHRI Snapshots

AHRI Director Hugh Beckie reflects on 2021

December 01, 2021 AHRI Snapshots Season 6 Episode 116
AHRI Snapshots
AHRI Director Hugh Beckie reflects on 2021
Show Notes

This is the last AHRI Snapshots for 2021! What a year it has been. In this episode we’re catching up with AHRI Director, Hugh Beckie to go over the highlights from AHRI this year.

We’ll also get an update on what the plans are for AHRI in 2022.

This is now our 6th season of the podcast. Thank you for listening  this year and we look forward to bringing you more AHRI Snapshots in 2022!

Top AHRI insights

  1. Mixtures rock! Next level resistance testing tells a big story
  2. We’ve cracked the P450 code
  3. World first: glyphosate resistant capeweed
  4. Ryegrass resists Sakura® the same way wheat does
  5. 2,4-D synergises metribuzin

Top AHRI Snapshots podcasts

  1. Farmer Daniel Birch explains how resistance testing has helped in his planning
  2. Mixing herbicides could be the answer to Sakura® resistant ryegrass
  3. New recruit, Dr Candy Taylor, explains how she'll be tackling auxinic herbicide resistance research
  4. How the Area Wide Management project will increase our understanding of weed issues
  5. AHRI on show at WeedSmart Week & research update

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